Mr Rapiee on beating the odds, providing for his 6 children

Mr Rapiee

Mr Rapiee was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer in 2014. The father of six and sole breadwinner of the family underwent surgery despite only given a 45% success rate of recovery. He fought against the odds and survived the surgery. The surgery removed part of his intestine and since then, he has had to live with a stoma bag to discharge his waste.

Following his surgery, he underwent radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy. The cost of cancer treatment wiped out his entire savings. Strong-willed and independent, Mr Rapiee returned to work as a security supervisor after his surgery to provide for his family, working 6 days a week on rotating day and night shifts to make ends meet.

Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) supports Mr Rapiee with a monthly supply of stoma bags and supports his 3 youngest school-going children with allowances to help defray their school expenses. On top of that, his youngest son is also enrolled in the SCS Tuition Programme where qualified tutors provide free one-to-one home tuition services to children whose loved ones have been impacted by cancer.

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