About SCS Help the Children

and Youth Programme

SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme first began in 2009 in an effort to support and improve the lives of children affected by cancer.


The cancer journey can be especially challenging for children and youth as they struggle to find meaning and purpose in their circumstances. However, through life-affirming activities, they are equipped with the tools necessary to cope with the impact of cancer and to live life to the fullest.


Singtel Touching Lives Fund has been contributing $200,000 to this programme yearly from 2009 to 2013. An additional $50,000 was added to the fund amounting to a total of $250, 000 yearly from 2014 to 2016.  Thanks to this generous contribution, the programme has set up several initiatives that cater to the educational and psychosocial needs of the young who are faced with adversities in their early lives.


At SCS, a wide and holistic array of services are provided to these children, youth and their families that include a tuition programme, book prize awards, school allowances, youth engagements and family activities.


In addition, SCS collaborates with medical students from Duke-NUS Medical School and NUS School of Medicine to organise school holiday camps, namely Camp Simba (ages 7 – 12) and SCS Camp Rafiki (ages 13 – 17). Ultimately, the programme stives to build resilience and empowerment in these children and youth through fun-filled engaging activities.

SCS Tuition Programme

Children and youth are impacted in many ways when their loved ones have cancer. Some may face difficulties coping with their studies while caring for their loved ones. In certain cases, their families might be unable to afford tuition fees due to their financial constraints resulting from treatment costs. To address these concerns, SCS engages qualified tutors to provide free one-to-one home tuition services


In 2016, the programme had 39 in-house tutors and 59 children and youths enrolled in the tuition classes.

SCS Book Prize Award

The SCS Achievement Award Ceremony serves to recognise and reward the efforts made by the children and youths from our tuition programme and welfare beneficiary. The awards serve to acknowledge, encourage, and commend their hard work despite the impact of cancer.


On 9 April 2016, 14 students received the Book Prize, 5 students received the Achievement Award and 4 students received the Encouragement Award.

Youth camp and youth engagement activities

The focus of the Youth Camp and Engagement Activities is to encourage our youths to take on an active role in shaping their lives, inspire them to find their aspirations, facilitate their pursuits in discovering their potential, push them to see beyond their current circumstances and aspire to greater heights. SCS organised SCS Camp Rafiki with the theme “Make your Magic”. The camp was held from 10 June to 12 June 2016. In total, 20 youths and 24 facilitators participated inthe event.


Other children, youths and family engagements for 2016 included a SCS Camp Rafiki Reunion, Camp Simba, Singtel Family Day, Singtel Annual Carnival, Safari Boo at River Safari and Bollywood HCYP Family Day.

SCS Education Financial Assistance Scheme

SCS provides school allowance grants and bursaries to alleviate the financial burden of school-going children and youths whose families are impacted by cancer. In 2016, 43 children received school allowance grants while 3 bursaries were awarded to students undergoing tertiary education.


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