How Help the Children and Youth programme helped Wen Xiang keep his aspirations unimpeded by cancer

Wen Xiang

Wen Xiang's father was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer 20 years ago. With the support received from SCS Home Tuition Programme, and Education Financial Assistance Scheme since 2017, Wen Xiang successfully enrolled into Raffles Junior College.

An inspirational reflection from one of our proud graduates of the SCS Help the Children and Youth Programme (HCYP)

SCS Welfare Aid Assistance beneficiary Mr Ng Choon Teck with wife and two sons.

"My father, Mr Ng Choon Teck, was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer 20 years ago, a cancer of the nose, which then led to a side effect of taking his daily liquid nutrition by a nasogastric tube. I’m grateful to SCS for all the support that has helped open doors to opportunities, for me, and my family."

Wen Xiang, a 17-year-old beneficiary of SCS, is effusive of praise when reflecting on the years of support SCS has provided him. A former student of Nan Chiau High School, Wen Xiang has been a beneficiary of the SCS Tuition Program, SCS Education Financial Assistance Scheme and SCS Achievement Award, since 2017.

"Thanks to the tuition program, I was given additional coaching in Elementary Math and Advanced Math. My tutor even gave me tips and techniques to ace my exams, and spent time outside regular tuition hours to provide life coaching advices. This inspired me to excel in my academics, and I’m very grateful to my SCS tutor."

As beneficiaries of the SCS Education Financial Assistance Scheme, both Wen Xiang and his older brother receive an allowance for them to support their expenses. While his mother teaches at a tuition center to support the family, the scheme allows both Wen Xiang and his brother to focus on their academic pursuits and continue exploring higher learning opportunities after their GCE 'A' Level.

Currently a student at Raffles Junior College, Wen Xiang has chosen to study Physics, Chemistry, Math and Economics, and in his spare time, he enjoys a wide variety of hobbies, from going to the gym, to rock climbing and running.

Wen Xiang (above, left) recently received the Excellence Award by Albert Ching, CEO, SCS, for outstanding academic results, and in earning a place in Raffles Junior College. Despite his achievements, he is humble, reflective and appreciative, and shared these words of wisdom to other children or youth who may be experiencing the same challenges.

"My advice and encouragement to anyone facing a situation of a loved one impacted by a life-changing disease, like cancer, is to stay positive. Even if you have a lot of problems, academics are very important. Work hard, and don't get distracted. Be resilient."

As a beneficiary of SCS Welfare Aid Assistance, Wen Xiang’s father Mr Ng receives medical supplies such as milk, which helps to mitigate the financial strain and burdens of cancer. These are part of the many programs to alleviate financial burdens and difficulties of beneficiaries.

Wen Xiang adds, "Most of all, with SCS, you know that you are not alone. SCS has been a tremendous support to me and my family, in so many ways. Everyone we have reached out to is very friendly and helpful, catering to our needs. We really appreciate these support. Thank you SCS for all the care and opportunities."

Article contributed by volunteer writer Renita Chua.

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