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Mr Martin Tay is a 70 year-old Prostate Cancer Survivor and a proud member of the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) Walnut Warriors, a prostate cancer support group by SCS.


We had a chat with him recently and he was kind enough to share with us his story.


What started out as a urinary problem for Mr Tay turned out to be Stage 3 Prostate cancer. The doctors noted dangerously high levels of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in his blood, and recommended him to have hormone therapy to treat his cancer, but despite the risks involved, Mr Tay opted for surgery instead, in hopes of eradicating the cancer entirely. Fortunately for Mr Tay, the surgery was successful.


Among the many effects of his condition, one in particular had a major impact on his life – the urinary incontinence (involuntary leaking of urine) he experienced. This inconvenience left him depressed during the first year of the treatment as he found himself frequently needing to change his incontinence pads.


Fortunately, he was not alone on his road to recovery. Mr Tay was introduced to the Walnut Warriors Support Group during his rehabilitation at the SCS Rehabilitation Centre. The support group gave him the companionship and emotional support he needed the most at the lowest point of his life and he was drawn to the sense of comfort he felt from the group’s camaraderie. He explained to us, how the talks on the latest medical development on cancer hosted by SCS, sparked a hope in him which greatly alleviated the condition of his mental health during that trying period.


When asked about his advice to people diagnosed with cancer, Mr Tay’s eyes lit up as he told us with conviction: “there is nothing much to fear. Being diagnosed with cancer is tough, but not as difficult as everyone makes it out to be because people will outlive cancer.” He is a strong advocate of regular exercise and a healthy and balanced diet. Mr Tay's advice to all who have been diagnosed is, in short, to have an open mind and a positive outlook

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